Re: Re: are your supplements safe?

Re: Re: are your supplements safe?

Posted by judy O’brien on 04/09/01 at 08:23 AM

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I would need to know more about what diet you are on, what allergies you might have, experience with products like cold medications before I could say that this was good or not for you. Not everyone can take the thermochrome products because of the ephedra in them. If you want to e-mail me and give me your phone number, I would be happy to call you and go over this with you.

If you can take them they are a wonderful product that has helped hundreds of people with their weight loss. I have personally lost more than 45 pounds with it but I am going slow on purpose. I didn’t put this on overnight. There are people who have taken off more than 100 pounds with this product alone.

Hope this helps.

Judy O’Brien

[email protected]

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