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Yeast infection in the intestinal tract

Posted by Michael Adkins on 03/03/04 at 01:31 AM

You are craving sweets because of Candida.Its a bad Bacteria in your Intestinal tract,this is causing your Psoriasis.I had Psoriasis for almost twenty years,I went to Dermatologists and used creams,nothing worked,I started noticing things about my body,first of all I drank alot of pop,DR. Pepper,I would break out so bad,my skin would litterly burn and I thought one day Im gonna drink some water,cause I was like craving water,dang I seen a difference within a couple days,then I quit eating breads and pasta,dang I seen a big difference,and dang my body craved sweets,I gave up using sugar in my coffee,real big difference,I would keep like a diary and write all this down,eventually I cut out all the caffeine,my buddy was always drinking Herbal tea,him and his mother hooked me up,I drink different teas for a week straight,guess what ? even bigger results,my hands cleared up so good,tea is what detoxifies the body of toxins, you can get it any where to detoxify your body,this is so very important,and this is the Key to anyones recovery,with dealing with Psoriasis is ACIDOPHILIS this will promote good flora as well,most important GOOD BACTERIA alot of YOGURTS have ACIDOPHILIS.ALSO CUT OUT CUNSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL,ECSPECIALLY BEER BECAUSE OF THE YEAST AND THE SUGAR, I hope this kinda makes some sense,it sounds like you have all the symptoms of Psoriasis,most all DEFICATE as often in a day without laxative promotion of the bowls,or dont strain your self……with the water,the tea and the Yogurt you will see a sigificent change in your body……….Rember all things take time…………..Feel free to email all often as you like,I am commited to helping the people with the symptoms of Psoriasis,and healing the body from inside out,not with creams and injections,steroids.I some had guidance in this because I did’nt acheive this victory on my own,GUIDINGLIGHTFORPSORIASIS is dedicated to helping others acheive thier goals and help getting their lives back to normal,taking control ,instead of letting it control you,The Guiding Light is GOD and he has helped me have the knowledge I have to share with others,and to commit myself to help,The American People alone 6 Million people or more,all I ask to pass it on and we can make this world a better place,Thank You, King Psoriasis…..

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