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arterial blockage/heart disease

Posted by Adam Logan on 03/26/05 at 02:35 AM

i need some help, my mother has severe arterial blockage, at her 3rd heart cath, it was at 73 percent, she got a stent put in(her second stent) and because she is having pain again, she needs another heart cath, and we are afraid that (according to teh doctor the last time)she would need a bypass operation, are there any enzymes or anyting that would lower the plaque? maybe ,,umm, i dont know, it may be a bad term, but, sand it down?(woodworking term is the only kind that comes to mind), would a enzyme called bromelain help?(if i may ask this, would anyone here who has faith mind praying for her to not need a bypass and for her to be healed?)

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