Re: Need help from anyone who has attended Bastyr, SW or Bridgeport.

Saturday, Feb 19, 2005

Re: Need help from anyone who has attended Bastyr, SW or Bridgeport.

Posted by Chris Maloney on 02/08/03 at 09:25 PM

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I notice you don’t mention National, and I wonder if the old critique of National is still posted online somewhere. I’ve talked to graduates of all four schools, and all have strengths and weaknesses that vary from year to year, depending on your instructors and goals. Bastyr has always led in terms of research, but they have a centralized clinic that makes it slow to get patient contacts. National’a students are always moaning, but it has students in all the homeless and drug rehab clinics in Portland so you get an amazing no b.s. clinic experience. Southwestern just had major upheaval, and they were always the total mavericks, but since their restructure they are connected to the mainstream MD clinics in Arizona. And Weil is doing his program down there alongside, so maybe now they’ll be more mainstream. Bridgeport is also in turmoil, but I took my boards there and the small graduating class is totally up and dedicated.

I would go where you have the most contacts and would feel the best. It is a grueling four or five years, and you need the best support structure you can get. Also think about the weather, especially if you can handle the Pacific Northwest’s weeks of cloud cover.

In terms of Amy’s comment, I don’t agree that a distance program is comparable. After four years, I’m competant not to kill someone who walks through my door. Without the clinical training, you’re going to miss a diagnosis or make a bad call, and the medical board in your state won’t care what your intention was. Practicing medicine without an in-state license is risky enough. Don’t practice medicine without the training.

Chris Maloney

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Re: Re: Need help from anyone who has attended Bastyr, SW or Bridgeport.
jolene 0 02/20/03 04:01 PM

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