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Monday, Feb 28, 2005

Re: Re: Re: naturopathic training

Posted by Chris Maloney on 08/10/03 at 10:34 PM

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Dear Bill,

I don’t go back and reread all the posts, so I missed your 4/16 reply to me until it showed up as the most active thing involving me on the web.

Thank you for an excellent letter. I have been completely where you are, and was simply rebuffed when I tried to find colleagues through Clayton. Since then I’ve been affected by my experiences with people claiming a string of degrees with Clayton among them. As we move into a world of distance learning degrees, it is imperative to differentiate between distance programs where significant work is done and websites that provide official diplomas for nominal fees. Having an alumni listing would provide Clayton graduates with a much needed service and be a huge step in my mind to letting me know who I’m dealing with. I like the websites and I’ve written to several graduates about different things, but they represent a tiny fraction of the actual graduate pool.

By the way, my ongoing issues with a certain Clayton graduate involves her using chelation therapy on autistic children. This is not within my scope of practice in this state, and is more invasive than the treatments I would pursue. While I would like to respect her degree for what it is, it seems to me that she is not following a traditional naturopathic model, as you describe it. Obviously, my personal experience influences my attitude about the issue as a whole.

All the best,

Chris Maloney, ND

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