Re: naturopathic training

Tuesday, Feb 08, 2005

Re: naturopathic training

Posted by Chris Maloney on 04/03/03 at 01:07 AM

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Dear Dr,

What I find most interesting about your comment is that you have not signed your name. My sense is that this is a common problem, that MDs would like to be open to Naturopathic methods but aren’t ready to admit it to themselves or their patients. In terms of my own experience with distance learning schools, I have been ready to accept Clayton graduates as allies in health, but when I called Clayton for a referral list, they had none. Following this I had a chance to see the diplomas received by a graduate, one giving the wrong year of graduation, and all being given in the same month she received four other degrees by mail. I cannot truly see a similarity between a four year program and a “program”” that keeps no alumni list and provides its graduates with multiple degree levels in the same month. By the by, what would you think of a graduate of the British MD diploma mill? I can purchase an MD, put it on my wall, and call myself one, but surely you and I would be able to tell the difference between us. In fact, there would be no comparison. Same with an N.D.