Re: Correspondence Program

Friday, Feb 25, 2005

Re: Correspondence Program

Posted by Chris Maloney on 05/04/03 at 08:37 PM

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Dear Richard Teow,

Why go so far from home, la? I was just in Singapore two years ago. You have a great licensed ND, Lynn Lim, who works for the osteopathic centre on Orchard Road. If you set up a program with the osteopath and Lynn, I’m sure both would be glad to help train you in the different methods. If Lynn is not available, the Australian ND in Holland Village was very good. She would hook you up with a good Australian program that you could probably do in a year, and possibly which could be done via distance learning. But the important part is that you could possibly sit in on patient consultations to see how the medicine is actually done because for the most part it is completely individualized.

Don’t sell Singapore short! You have lots of good practitioners all around you!

Chris Maloney, Naturopathic Doctor, Portland Maine

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