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Thursday, Dec 16, 2004

Re: Re: What is the scientific basis for homeopathy

Posted by Chris Maloney on 06/01/03 at 10:38 PM

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Dear Nathan P.,

Dr. Barrett does not produce or analyze research. He produces opinion pieces on subjects including attacks on postmodernism. I fail to see how he would be helpful in doing anything but indoctrinating.

As you suggest, I have been reading quackwatch for years, and watched with fascination as Dr. Barrett was removed as the Consumer Reports medical advisor because his views were too extreme and, well, unscientific. The older material on acupuncture, especially his debunking trip to China, was quite interesting. I thought it a little weak that they resorted to claiming that pinching patients over the same acupuncture points resulted in identical pain relief. I also lost respect for Dr. Barrett after reading his book on alternative medicine where he found that nothing Naturopathic Doctors do was scientific. Given the recent ad campaign to get mothers to take more folic acid, I think at least one of the things we recommend has been validated.

I notice you signed your credentials and not your name. I’m impressed, but I think a man with your education should be looking at medline and not trusting in Quackwatch to do your thinking for you. I’ll be glad to recommend a few studies and you can tell me why the comprehensive meta-analysis of homeopathy found it worthy of further research. Also, please check out the Cochrane Database expert opinion on the myth of the placebo effect.

Chris Maloney, Naturopathic Doctor

Portland Maine

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