There is no Greenfield Organic Certification

Monday, Feb 28, 2005

There is no Greenfield Organic Certification

Posted by Calvin Wong on 05/27/04 at 06:25 PM

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To whom this may concern,

I came across the Melilea Greenfield Organic through my mother in Malaysia. As a concerned son, I headed of to the USFDA information counter in California to acquire some information on the relevant product. After 30 minutes of data search in the manufacturer & trader database they were enable to find a similar name, so they requested that I file in an official query on Melilea Greenfield Organic: Nutrition & Revitalex Product and to my surprise this was their response:

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention and to our concern that there are numerous claims that we at the USFDA have certificated and awarded a seal of approval to the following product brand name: Melilea, product label: Greenfield Organic, Nature of claims: Nutrition & Revitalex is UNTRUE. The brand and manufacturer name Greenfield Organic Inc, Midvale, UT84047, USA, is not a registered manufacturer in the United States of America or Canada. Due to the increase complains and queries over this product, we at the USFDA will issue a general warning through FAA to inform all US consumers regarding such claims.

Best Regards

John Kelley

Senior Advisor

Food Labeling & Registration USFDA

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