How to deal with the frustration

How to deal with the frustration

Posted by Gary G on 10/23/03 at 05:22 PM

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Hi all:

Just needed to vent my frustrations. I too just found out I have pancreatitus and to make matters worse no insurance. I just had my first hospital stay and the lab tests alone were $8,100 with a total bill of 16,000 for three days. They let me go no prescriptions and not even an interpetation of the lab results other other then refering me to a public clinic. They said it could be three months before I could see a Gastro Doctor, if I had the money to see one. My doctor said it was an imediate need just adding to my frustrations. It makes me so sick and the pain gets so bad I feel my only value is in a death benefit for my SS payments to the Government. I called one Gastro doctor and without funds to see you now they won’t even talk with you, they wouldn’t even work out a payment schedule. I am a CPA and worked and paid into the system all my life and it seems a poor way to go out, uninsured , sick and nothing more to offer, would seem our system would have more to offer. Just wanted you to know you are not alone. Just wish the pain wasn’t so bad. My daughters are in college now and don’t even know if I should tell them thier dad may die because he can’t get medical care. Everyday anxiety eats me alive, the pain at night keeps me from sleeping and a hand full of prescriptions that you can’t afford to fill just frustrates me. I wish you the best. Just wish I had more hope.

Gary G

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Re: How to deal with the frustration
Chris Maloney 1 10/27/03 11:03 PM

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