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Re: Greenfield organic NOT CERTIFIED BY USFDA

Posted by lian on 06/19/04 at 10:15 PM

Thanks for the info. Last night I attended a talk on this product by a multi-level leader. They tried to recruit me as one of their down line. I posed a number of questions but I am still not quite impressed with their answers. I asked for a brochure on the products but they asked me to pay a joining fee of RM22 for a file with all the pamphlets and products order forms. If your claim is true, how come they said that the Malaysian government approved the sale of these products? I do not want to joing Milileas and then to find out that I am giving false info to my friends and customers. Thanks.

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Greenfield organic is CERTIFIED BY USFDA
Raymond 2 07/08/04 10:32 PM