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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

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Posted by yeap on 09/02/04 at 10:19 AM

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STAN, CALVIN and WHOEVER THAT DON’T BELIVE IN GREENFIELD ORGANIC. I am sure you guys are writing in this forum for a good cause and a sincere altruistic heart in wanting to help others to be informed. I salute you for that. However, you may unintentionally but inevitably deprive others the chance of discovering a truly a valuable and genuine product by scaring them away. For your info: In addition to the Processde Food Registration, it has Organic Processed Products Registration No 70551. This registration allows the firm to handle and process Organic processed food products. Hope this info helps. Let me know of other Organic products that has a certification higher than that. Do drop me a line at [email¬†protected] if you need more info. I would love to put all proof on the site but had strict intructions against that from the originator from Food and Drug Branch of the Health Services Dept, USA, the Dept that issues Organic Registration Cert. Not FDA. Thank you.

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