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Posted by Gary on 11/23/04 at 01:26 PM

There are several so called accredited schools that are trying to monopolize study in naturapathy or natural medicine denying others the opportunity to seek training that fits their lifestyles. Bastry and SouthWestern are among them. You don’t have to go to these institutions to become a recognized Naturapath or Dr. of Naturapathy or of Natural Medicine. Explore all your options and don’t be scared off by those who would try to force you to matriculate at those institutions.

I to am looking for training but cannot relocate across the country to go to these other schools. Should I deny my lifelong dream to be a natural health practitioner because a school is not accredited by traditional accrediting agencies? I look at the faculty, the goals of the institution, and the core curriculum. If they are licensed by the state in which they reside and if I can practice what I have learned after graduating, I won’t be intimidated by so called “accredited”” schools.