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Re: ND programs

Posted by Maria on 08/02/04 at 06:45 AM

I am just about to begin 3rd year at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. I can honestly say that I am enjoying my time there. Of course I have some gripes, but what I do like about the school is that students can make change. For example, this past school year one of the lecutrers for pathology was an expert in her medical field, but didn’t really know how to teach pathology to ND students. By students working together with the admin, we were able to replace her quickly with a more suitable instructor to prepare us for NPLEX and beyond as NDs.

I am an American student and have found that the tuition is much more manageable at CCNM as well. Currently it is $19,000CDN per year. I am able to get US student loans just as if I were attending one of the US schools.

The clinical portion at CCNM is probably one of the best of the ND schools. We have the largest ND clinic in North America and get a wide variety of patients, some for wellness and some who are looking to treat pathologies. Of course we are not seeing as many patients with pathologies as in an allopathic hospital, but we do have patients with cancer, AIDS, SARS, etc. There are several satellite clinics around town as well which focus on different groups such as the First Nations clinic (north american indians) and the HIV clinic.

I have a lot to say, positive and negative, about CCNM, but as NPLEX is *tomorrow!* I had best get back to studying!

Good luck with all your important decisions!