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Friday, Feb 25, 2005

Re: Distance Education

Posted by zala on 01/28/04 at 12:59 AM

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Hi Kathy,

If you are serious about your educationa and the effectiveness of your future practice I would not even consider distance learning for a moment. The quantity and quality of education is not even moderatly comparable to that of the 4 year medical training from CNME certified, deparatment of education recognized naturopathic schools. There is a reason students from these 4 schools have primary care status in the states they are liscenced. Liscensure is proceding at a phenomenal rate with numerous other states up for liscensure in the next year. You may also recognize that even this website under the education tab talks extensivly about the 4 year medical degree.

If you want to have a practice where you can practice medicine, then your only legitimate option is to go for a 4 year degree. Unliscensed people from Clayton and such are not allowed to diagnose people (this is illegal even in unliscensed states: practicing medicine without a liscense)

So I would make your descision based on what type of future you want to have. I have a feeling the mail order schools will soon be extremly limited because of the lack of medical training. Sure they is learning in natural medicine by that is just the surface. There is a reason the momentum is shifting towards liscensure for the 4 year schools.

Just to clarify, even though the mail order schools say they are accredited and certified, the boards which do this are not recognized by the department of education. This is why there is no government financial aid for these schools. (There is for the medical schools).

Best of luck with your descision. I think my bias is very clear, i was in your position once and considered Clayton till I was better directed. I am now in my first year at a 4 year school and am constanly blown away by the quality (and quantitiy! over 4000 hours just like medical/chiro etc school). A number of our teachers also teach at a Chiropractic school nearby.

Please, please let me know if you have any more specific questions.

Best of luck in your final descision and i wish you a lot of support which ever direction you choose.

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Re: Re: Distance Education
Robert Harris 1 03/19/04 01:14 PM

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