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Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Re: Re: Re: Fact About ND\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s

Posted by Chris Maloney on 02/29/04 at 12:31 AM

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Dear ND weary,

You have an unfortunately valid perspective. At the same time, there are a number of NDs, myself included, that have moved beyond what we were taught and back everything up with peer reviewed evidence. While I cringe at some of what goes on in my field, I cringe equally at what passes for standard medical care in many cases. In the last few months I have been instrumental in convincing two prominent Boston endocrinologists not to irradiate a patient, not based on my own theories, but on the expert endrocrinologist consensus report that they had not bothered to read.

The worst that can be said of what we do is that is may be a waste of time and money. The worst of modern medicine is that it will kill you. Somewhere along the line, we all take an oath to “First, do no harm.””

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