Re: Re: blood platlets

Monday, Feb 28, 2005

Re: Re: blood platlets

Posted by lucy secular on 09/24/04 at 03:47 AM

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i have a low platlet count and 5 years ago i was in hospital for a year being tested to find the cause nothing was found after op’s and op’s blood test after blood test. my count is still low on a average of around 113. when going through the year of being tested it made me depressed and metally ill even more. i now avoid going to doctors as much as i can as do not want a repeat of what happen five years ago. but i do want to know the cause as its horrific not knowing whats wrong with me. i suffer from bad migrains and can have a attack of dizziness and can not balance my self. i bruise easily and if i do cut my self it takes longer than normal to seal the cut.i do have little blood clots when my period is due. if anything i just want a answer.

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