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Re: The TRUTH Behind Greenfield Organic Rumours

Posted by Johnson Pan on 08/03/05 at 02:48 AM

Dear Sir:

I’ve seen your article regarding a product named “Organic Greenfield”” which is regidtrated on FDA. I saw the certificate which is registrate on California Food and Drug Branch. It is a local government in the US. The licence is a certificate for the company, not the product which is enable this company to produce or handle organic product. Second, the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) is a federal government which runs under the Department of Food and Human Service. Please see the web site of, then you will understand what I mean. Basically, from my opinion, it’s a company do not have truth “”Organic Certificate””, but just try to cheat on customers. The US organic certificate should be issued from the Agrictule Department, but not from “”FDB””. Hope this can end the disbute.