Melilea Greenfield Organic is certified by USFDA – Naturopathic Medicine Network

Melilea Greenfield Organic is certified by USFDA

Posted by Angely Yeo on 11/04/05 at 09:09 PM

Hello Rita

I dont know if anyone has replied you. Hapen to see your queries only at this moment. Let me share with you the wonders of this product.

This is the best selling product in Melilea, it is called Greenfield Organic.

It includes more than twenty types of vegetables, fruits and cereal that are derived using the latest and most sophisticated technologies. It will react internally to remove TOXINS from the body, anyone after consuming for 3 days will experience a new sphere of internal cleansing.

At the same time it provide nourishment to the body, activate body cells and promote regeneration of the body system, balance the hormonal system and expelling unwanted fats from the body.

Ideal for all Ages and Conditions:

– Normal condition

– Health Conscious

– Longevity seekers

– Pre-aging or general weakness

– Constipation or Haemorrhoid

– Insominia

– Overweight / Underweight

– Weak Immune system (fall sick easily)

– Rheumatism

– Arthritis

– High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol

– Weak liver, intestines and stomach

– Freckles, Pimples or dull complexion

– Irregular menses or menopause

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