Re: Future of Naturopathic Medicine

Friday, Feb 18, 2005

Re: Future of Naturopathic Medicine

Posted by MS3 on 08/15/04 at 06:23 PM

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While I don’t feel that money should be a primary motive for going into health care, I am acutely aware of the need to make a living plus pay off student loans.

Advanced practice nursing has a much better income/debt ratio than naturopathy. In most states, your scope of practice would alow all the alternative therapies that an a naturopathy degree would, with the exception of physcal manipulation. You’d also have these practice rights in states that don’t license naturopaths. If you went the MD or DO route, you’d have more practice rights than a naturopath in ANY state. But this is a much loger road.

Good Luck’


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