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Friday, Dec 24, 2004

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Posted by MS3 on 09/29/04 at 08:28 PM

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You’re quite welcome. Always happy to pass on my insights having attended a naturopathic school before med school.

Actually, very little of what you’ll learn at a naturopathic school has been used consistently for thousands of years. Acupuncture (if your program of choice teaches it)has, and some forms of botanical medicine. But, Homeopathy is only couple hundred years old. Naturopathic physical medicine is essentially chiropractic (19th century)and flower remedies were invented in the 1940s. Clinical nutrition, as well, had 20th century beginnings.

My point isn’t that none of these modalities is useful. I wouldn’t have attended a naturopathic school if I felt that natural medicine has no merit. My point is simply that Bastyr, at least, relies on questionable diagnoses. These days it’s food intolerances (others, who attended Bastyr more recently, say it’s psychospiritual imbalances now). Not long ago it was liver toxicity and before that intestinal dysbiosis and hypoglycemia. In turn, each of these has been implicated in everything from hangnails to brain tumors. That’s why I call them the “trendy diagnosis of the week”” Often diagnosis relies on fraudulent methods like pseudo-applied kinesiology, Caroll testing, and hair analysis.