Re: Pancreatitus

Saturday, Dec 25, 2004

Re: Pancreatitus

Posted by Ken on 07/15/03 at 07:07 PM

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Linda – I can not imagine the pain, but my dad has been in the hospital for six weeks now. It all started as describe in the previous postings. He is now where near a severe drinker i.e. two beers a week..maybe. One day was in severe pain and went to the hospital and has not left since. When the swelling resides the plan is to remove the gall bladder, but at this rate that could be ten years from now. This is my dad’s first time being hospitalized (at the age of 57) he is becoming pretty impatient, I do not blame him. His condition is not getting any worse, but there is no improvement either. Every day we keep hope that the sweeling will reside and either they can operate or at least release him to recoup at home. I keep thinking just as every one else that has written…there has to be some other course of treatment besides waiting.

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