Friday, Dec 24, 2004


Posted by Linda on 07/13/03 at 07:27 PM

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Two months ago I had unexpected surgery after my galbladder passed a stone, lodging it in the pancreas duct. I didn’t even know I had stones! I can relate to the undescribable pain your friend is dealing with. I work full time and assure you – there are more times than not that I would like to do exactly what your friend does, just be still and not move for this is when the pain calms. As silly as it sounds to some, this pain is very real and dibilitating to us that live with it. I too had a short-term relief period after the surgery – but not long enough. Now the discomfort is back and once again controlling what I do and how I do it. My doctor says that this is something that will go on for quite awhile -Me, I keep thinking – there has to be something one can do to relieve it to a tolerable level. Thank goodness for Tylenol PM – for it as given me a few nights rest without pain.

Trust me, this pain is very real and is dibiltating at times. Since most of my pain is in my back – right behind where the galbladder sat, I often take an old fashion water bottle and place it on the area of pain, whether leaning on it while sitting up or laying on it – the damp heat seems to relax the area thus releaving some of the discomfort. Hope this helps – let your friend know that they are not alone. I know what they are feeling, for I am living with it too. Write me anytime at [email¬†protected] – I’ll be happy to share any little bits of info I run across that might help.

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Re: Pancreatitus
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