Re: Re: pancreatitus

Monday, Mar 07, 2005

Re: Re: pancreatitus

Posted by Chris Martin on 08/23/03 at 11:37 PM

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Thanks so much for al of the information. My 1st bout with pancreatitus was in Colorado Springs where I was admitted to Memorial Hospital with very severe abdominal pain. Kind of like voluteering to be bludgeoned in the stomach with a baseball bat, repeatedly, until the pain killers are administered. The blood work said it all, Lypase and Amalase the two key indicators were almost 1,000% above normal levels. Mine was brought on by excessive alcohol, while by second was brought on by too mucy chocolate/caffeine/sugar and fatty foods. So, like you said I will revert to a lo fat diet I think for the rest of my life. In CS, they did a very through job, even going to the point of doing a couple of encounters where they actually put me out and put a small scope down my gi tract and looked at the Bilary Tract, which BTW, were swollen shut because they were so irritated… thus their was no actually injury to the pancreas, it just couldn’t do it’s job…. Gall Blader, totally liquid filled via an image… so I am blessed …. this is a thorn in the flesh I would rather not have… Treatment while in the hospital, bedrest, not food, Zip, Nada, not even ice chips.. my GI tract was shut down for at least five days so that the pancreas and other parapanalia could heal and recover, then started up with liguids, juices, crackers, jell-o etc. And of course, total abstinence from alcohol and now chocolate, caffeine, etc. etc. God Bless you all…Chris

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