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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: Re: pancreatitus

Posted by Walter on 06/16/03 at 02:48 AM

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I believe my pancreas acted up as it has in the past (from drinking too much last night). It was getting so painful that I had to look on the internet for possible treatments. I noticed in most of the treatments that they contained sodium chloride and in one ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). So I called my boss to work for me while I crossed the street and went searching for any of the ingredients. I found abottle of Sodium Chloride, Pedialyte and a bottle of Vitamin C. 5 minutes later I was back at work. I took 1 Sodium Chloride tablet, 1 Vitamin C (500mg) and drank half the Pedialyte(nasty). 20 minutes later the pain began to go away. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go to the hospital a fourth time and live off an IV for a week. I hope this works for a while, unorthodox as it was. Never thought I’d be drinking Pedialyte.

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