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Friday, Dec 24, 2004

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Posted by Deb on 10/11/04 at 09:03 AM

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TCM World Foundations annually holds a large, very well advertised, very well run and very well attended Integrated Medicine Conference held in NJ, the most recent of which ended yesterday. This year, there was one ND who spoke. There are many MDs in attendance and presenting, but the lack of NDs is always surprising, considering they want to be heard and licensed here. This is an open forum for alternative practitioners to present their research findings, whether observations or by standard scientific protocol. Participants are given a binder of abstracts for every speaker’s presentation. There have been none from NDs.

The MDs in the audience who are there to learn are very enthusiastic when they hear what great results people like Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Integrated Oncologist at Weill-Cornell NYC have had, or when LAcs from China present their findings on breast cancer resolution using herbs. The major medical centers in NY and NJ now have advanced complementary care departments. The difference I see with these speakers is that they don’t waste time trying to debunk conventional medicine as the great evil that so many alternative folks paint it to be. They integrate their ideas and methods so patients can benefit.

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