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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

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Posted by J. D. on 10/09/04 at 07:46 AM

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Naturopathy, in my opinion, is a fantastic medical science. I respect N.D.’s who graduate from regionally accredited schools and who are licensed to practice naturopathic medicine. The problem that I see, however, is that conventional medicine wants to keep the door shut with an “us four and no more”” attitude. But that attitude is eroding rapidly, because former cancer patients like me and others with life-threatening illnesses want and need naturopathic medicine to be as readily available as allopathy. Allopaths will need to embrace and integrate with naturopaths if the allopaths want to remain in the lead at least for the next twenty years, because naturoapthic medicine will inevitably become the first medicine of choice for most patients. Thus, I am very interested in my N.D.’s training. From where I stand, it appears that Bastyr offers the best training in the basic medical sciences and Southwest offers the best clinical exposure. I’d like to get some comprehensive feedback specifically from Bastyr N.D.’s regarding their assessment of clinical training at Bastyr and other accredited schools.

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