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Tuesday, Dec 21, 2004

Re: Re: Re: Derek – Why Naturopathy?

Posted by MS3 on 10/06/04 at 06:37 PM

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In states where they’re licensed (I believe it’s about 12 at present)naturopaths have diagnostic rights. Unfortunately, they’re not sufficiently trained to do it well.

The lure of naturopathy for me was the opportunity to use a wide variety of modalities including nutrition, phytotherapy, physical manipulation, counseling and acupuncture (of course, acupunture requires an additional degree in all but a handful of states). Unfortunately, I found the education lacking credibility.

MDs and DOs can also use all of these therapies and many do. In most states, chiropractors also can use these modalities, but again their training in diagnosis is not as thourough as a pysician’s. Also in many states, acupunturists or OMDs can use all of these except for some forms of physical medicine. ARNPs and PAs with prescription rights can use nutrition, herbs and homeopathy, as well as counseling and massage. Nutritionists and dieticians, as pointed out, do not have the privlege to diagnose or prescribe autonimously. But, they recieve many more hours of nutrition training than any other practitioner.

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