Re: Bastyr\’s clinical for N.D. students

Friday, Feb 25, 2005

Re: Bastyr\’s clinical for N.D. students

Posted by Rebecca Andrews, ND on 10/12/04 at 11:40 AM

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Hi JD, I am a bastyr grad. I will not rush to the defense of Bastyr’s ND clinic, it does have some room for improvement (as do most teaching clinics and schools in general), and they are in fact working on it. HOWEVER, I think that most Bastyr grads are too busy seeing patients to spend time digging thru this list serve to answer questions. I had to be prodded by several people to get on today to answer a few of the questions, and probably will not be back. Otherwise my practice is too busy to sit and surf on the net. I don’t know who’s clinic is best. I don’t think it matters. With education, in the end the student is responsible for their own learning, you get out what you put in. All the schools have a slightly different flavor to both the general education and in their clinical. The only way to tell what is right for you is to go visit (just like any other school).

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Re: Re: Bastyr\\\’s clinical for N.D. students
linda 3 10/12/04 11:54 AM

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