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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: NDs and diagnosis

Posted by Bonnie on 10/11/04 at 08:33 AM

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I stand corrected on Bastyr- which used to say it preferred a BA or BS. Their web site now says it’s expected.

A B-degree is preferred for many reasons not having to do with numbers of credits, but rather with integrity, time management skills, ability to work under pressures, social skills,

While the website stating that ALL medical schools (the graduate part) require a Bachelors, may have slipped up by listing schools like Albany on their site, the conventional medical training is far longer than that of Bastyr’s. Bastyr does not prepare NDs to be primary care physicians.

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Re: Re: Re: NDs and diagnosis
J. D. 6 10/11/04 02:22 PM

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