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Posted by Boris on 02/18/05 at 08:32 PM

Tony as usual, you fail to read before you fire off a jibe. Two weeks after I made the post you are referring to, I was in Little Rock. Two weeks after that they announced a change of heart and agreed to make the drug available. Son, you need to slow down and read. Otherwise, youre never going to get that foot out of your mouth.

As for your uncle Crandell, I hear a dark cloud is gathering for the boy.

The important news though is that patients can finally get at least some legal access to the drug.

Next time you talk to your hero Crandell, ask him if he knew that his leaky lyophilizer was pulling his victim’s platelets down under 100 and wiping out their white counts.

I hope he goes to the pen for that little stunt. After his victims clean him out at the courthouse that is.

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