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Posted by Jennifer on 10/19/04 at 07:50 AM


I am not yet a natural health professional. I have been looking into both these programs. I plan to do a Doctor in Alternative Medicine and then I hope to do the exam to gain the designation of Doctor on Natural Medicine.

I have found that the two programs teach pretty much the same things. Doctors of Natural Medicine say they are not Naturopaths and that they have much higher standards or something like that. I have also heard Naturopathic Doctors who talk down about Doctors of Natural Medicine and that they are not really doctors, etc. I feel they are pretty much the same. They both have organizations that are fighting to have them recognized and they both seem to learn the same things and practice the same things. I have found that Doctors of Natural Medicine seem to offer more therapies to patients and Naturopathic Doctors all seem to offer the same therapies. That is just what I have found from my research so far.


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