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Posted by John on 06/05/05 at 08:27 AM

Yes. Good answer. I hold a DNM and their focus is quite global. N.D.’s harbor a bit of attitude and SOME would love to CONTROL the entire natural healing field. They want to make sure it is “safe”” and do all the typical justification arguments. In my experience, the DNM helps create an open forum and break down the stigmatic forms of professionalism, creating a way to have true healers channel their abilities under a professional hat. They are very open to all healers in any country they live and not hell-bent on stopping others from practising, or snubbing those who are not of the came calabre of education as they. A shame. It would be the duty of a more educated person to have more compassion for humanity, not the control and bull-headedness we often experience in the M.D. world, or in any profesional world, for that matter. Stuart WIlde wrote in “”Whispering Winds of Change regarding professionalism and burocrats, for they are the same, that they are important because they tell themselves that, they are important. Then they look for ways to make sure you get the message! So one gentleman on here wrote that he 4 years trained in various “”sciences”” and snubbed the D.N.M. It seems that he is feeling puffed up and too prideful. I thought healing came as a result of love and compassion, in fact, I know it does. We can all get along and benefit from one another, or not. I think there is enough fighting in the world. I think it is great that people want to study natural medicine and no matter where they go, they will be the better for it, with the view of helping others. I have worked internationally for over 25 years and the greatest trouble I have come up against is the “”professionals”” who assert their ego’s as being better than anyone else. Too much of that, we create wars from such attitudes. I have no such anger, just concern when I see bullying. Who am I to stop the grandma who heals her family and friends because she has no degree? Ask Jesus or Budda, they had no degrees…so, D.N.M is a welcome designation as it brings to focus to suffering and illness that abounds on the earth. We in the West are more materialistic and insular sometimes, just go to a developing nation and you will see. Besides, and N.D. cam become a D.N.M., if they fulfill the qualifications, like us all…