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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

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Posted by Jennifer on 10/20/04 at 07:28 AM

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Hello again,

Health Pro College (listed on the website I mentioned) offers their Doctor of Natural Medicine program. It says in the description “The total study hours are approximately 2600 plus 1400 of clinical work for a total of 4000 hours of training. Distance learning students must make suitable arrangement with a facility of their choice to do internship and clinical work.”” That is 1400 hrs of clinical. Then there is The Centre of International Holistic Studies. They say the following in their program description “”1300 clock hours of clinical residency””. That is required on their campus site however. Western Reserve University seems to have the identical program to Health Pro College also asking for 1400 hrs of clinical that the distance student must arrange on their own. Then there is PanAm School of Natural Medicine. They also expect 1000 hrs of clinical but it is done on their campus. The Alternative Medicine College of Canada also has a course in their ND program that is Case Studies and Clinical Internship, it however is only 180 hrs which is definetly not enough. But they atleast expect it. Even the University of Natural Medicine has a clinical component which consists of 90 credits. I am not sure what that works out to in hours, but you have to do that one at their campus or an affiliate, or an approved location. So, students of distance programs may not be getting the hands on experience in class, but they are at least doing the clinical internship that is definetly something they should have in this field.