Re: Western Reserve University

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2004

Re: Western Reserve University

Posted by Jennifer on 10/21/04 at 07:34 PM

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I have seen them all. I am confused though. Western Reserve lists a program that takes 2 years or so to complete. It is also offered by Health Pro College in Canada.

The Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research, Calcutta offers diploma programs that take 6 months, Bachelor programs that take 2 years. I am wondering how you can just purchase a diploma or degree from them if you have to do course work that takes that long.

Do you know anything about the Open International University for Alternative Medicine? Also a school in India that offers the same programs that the Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research, Calcutta offers.


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Re: Re: Western Reserve University
Jennifer 0 10/21/04 07:43 PM

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