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Posted by Harpajan Singh on 10/26/04 at 10:35 PM

Dear Web users,

Re: Legal Notice

It has been noted that misleading information pertaining to a product called Melilea?s Greenfield Organic: Nutrition and Revitalex is being repeatedly circulated on this website by unscrupulous writers.

Notice is hereby given to all web users that this product is legally sold throughout the world and is in full compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. The manufacturers of the product Greenfield USA Corporation and Greenfield Organic Inc. are registered in the United States of America. The Malaysian distributors, Melilea [M] Sdn Bhd are legally registered in Malaysia. The said product is solely distributed and marketed by Melilea [M] Sdn Bhd, a company registered in Malaysia.

Should any reader have any doubts pertaining the product or are in need of any clarification, kindly contact counsel for the abovestated companies, Messrs Harpajan S. Khaulsay & Co. in Malaysia at +603-77844558.

In the meantime, TAKE NOTICE that Melilea [M] Sdn Bhd has been and will continue to observe this and other websites for misleading information pertaining to the abovestated and other products. Makers of the said misleading statements throughout the world will be traced and appropriate legal action will soon be commenced against them.

Yours sincerely,



Harpajan Singh


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