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Posted by Mike on 11/10/04 at 12:31 PM

Hi Clint,

I was considering Pan American myself for the DNM degree. I spoke with Dr. McWilliams and asked him to provide me with names of former and present students.

Most of the feedback I received was very positive but I did hear from one less than happy student. She said that she had begun the second module of courses and was discouraged because the exams did not seem to match the study materials. She said she was struggling to get through the courses because of that.

She also said she attended one of the clinical training sessions in Nevis and Dr. McWilliams spent most of the time training people to sell his equipment.

Bottom line, it was enough to discourage me. I was also concerned about having to travel to Nevis, West Indies for the clinical training.

I decided on Southern Graduate Institute (SGI) for a NMD degree. They are associated with the St. Luke University School of Medicine. You may want to call Dr. Robert Neuwirth at 972-491-5599. He is the Dean of the Natural Medicine School. He’s easy to talk to and quite inspiring.

Good Luck,


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