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Posted by John Douillard on 02/06/06 at 08:33 PM

I am a speaker at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for two years now. I have to share my experience about both the students and founder of INN. First I have been in constant contact with hundreds of the students since January of last year and not only have I not heard a negative comment about INN, when I ask students how they like it – they rave about it. I was just telling a friend that I have never seen or heard of a school with such overwhelming success with regards to student satisfaction. Joshua – the founder, I have found to be an extremely sincere, kind and a spiritual and brilliant man and the students love him. I think these chat room postings can get on a band wagon with negative comments breeding more negative comments. I hope my posting will help balance some of these remarks and give INN a second look.


John Douillard

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