Re: Re: help! is natuopathy still accredited or not?

Friday, Feb 18, 2005

Re: Re: help! is natuopathy still accredited or not?

Posted by ….. on 04/13/01 at 05:25 PM

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Yes or put simply the CNME exists and operates on the same Basis as the NBNE of the ANA, the ANMCAB, the ABNHP-IE and the various other ‘unrecognized’ private accrediting organizations.

The fundamental difference is the during the time the CNME was recognized, they proported that any accrediting organization that was not recognized was a scam organization.

The question then is, is the CNME a scam organization?

Of couse not now that the CNME is not Recognized there are many valid and well respected accrediting organizations that have chosen not to see recognition by the U.S. Department of Education.

OF course the CNME has one distinction that the ANMCAB, NBNE of the ANA and the ABNHP-IE don’t: The CNME was denied recognition with Cause on two occasions.

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