Re: Clarification on Previous Post Stephen

Friday, Jan 21, 2005

Re: Clarification on Previous Post Stephen

Posted by Micah on 07/19/00 at 01:01 AM

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Thanks for clarifying that regarding National. Admittedly, I may have heaped together National with the others in the impression that I was under that the trend that was developing was what I spoke about previously. My reason for saying a course in Chineese Medicine does not a Doc of Oriental Medicince make was..because I felt that it would be better to take whatever courses that Bastyr,SWCNM,National or whomever was offering in Chineese Medicine,Ayurveda(not National I know),Homeopathy,etc. and replace them with the original Naturopathic theraputics of Hydrotherapy, Clinical Nutrition and Herbs. This way-the sciences would still be intact and a student could get a greater ammount of hours in traditional Naturopathic therapies instead of just getting their “feet wet” minimally. I’m certainly not against Ayurveda,Chinese Medicine or Homeopathy–but these courses can be given as electives rather than diluting the actual curriculum. Another thing is…I question those schools that DO offer alot of courses in Acupunture/Homeopathy,etc. because a ND who isn’t well versed on how rigorous a course of study it is to obtain a Doc of Oriental Medicine,etc. could very well easily be led into a false sense of security that they can now be a Naturopathic Doc of Oriental Medicine or whatever. Ignorance breeds arrogance but So does KNOWLEDGE! My point is..a Naturopathic Doc should be a NATUROPATHIC Doc. If he/she likes Chinese Medicine that much–let them go BACK to school at an accredited school of CHineese Medicine. Same for Homeopathy,Ayurveda,etc. I know that It seems like I’m trying to compartmentalize everything into boxes..but I just think that some Naturopaths can develop an identity crisis because they think that Naturopathy has to be the “kitchen sink” forumla I was talking about previously. I’m not referring to Anatomy,Physiology etc. by the way..I’m glad we agree that is necessary. Best Regards Dr. Steven!

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Re: Re: Clarification on Previous Post Stephen
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