$200,000 is not absurd…

Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

$200,000 is not absurd…

Posted by Heather on 07/17/00 at 04:58 PM

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I respectfully disagree with the idea that it is absurd or criminal for a ND to make $200,000 yearly. Everytime I go to the OBGyn I am in the office approx 30 minutes max and usually only 15 minutes. I pay a CO-PAY of $10-$25 depending on the type of visit and the insurance pays something more (I’m sure it’s more than 50% so a 15 minute visit is making him $25+ at the very least. Now that I am pregnant I am going 1 time weekly and if I break an appointment I still pay and rarely does he have time to fit me in later in the week. In bigger cities I don’t think any doctor makes less than $200,000 yearly perhaps except a general practitioner. My best friend is a military doctor and she is making $100,000 yearly. I also have several of my father’s friends who told me their saleries as an estimate as I looked into medical school. When I was in the hospital with strep throat I got a bill from a doctor I NEVER saw who charged me $158.00 to look at my sonogram! I doubt he looked at it for an 1 1/2 hours! When my mom had cancer she was charge $500 for a specialist who came in her room for five minutes and gave her a tube with a ball in it to practise moving the ball and thus breathing deeply. The tube was charge seperately! I don’t see why those charges are too high! And an ND can certainly build up quite a following. Again, as I stated in my first reply it would require having appointments almost hourly 40 hours a week but this is not unreasonable! Many many MD and many ND as well do not accept more patients! But say they only work 20 hours a week and do not make any money on herbs/vitamins ect. it still come to over $100,000 dollars. For a specialist (I only researched MDs in this case)$500,000 is not an impossible or unrealistic amount in Baltimore, Maryland. I wouldn’t go into medicine ND or MD for money because generally only a good caring doctor will have the kind of following but I certainly think the money is there to be made.


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