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Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

Re: Re: Re: pancreatitus

Posted by anthony espinosa on 07/14/03 at 04:19 PM

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Mr. Elliott,

I was just diagnosed this morning with pancreatitus. I’m a full blown alcoholic and have been dealing with incredible bouts of pain for the last month or so. I had been drinking even more to rid the pain! Stupid, I know..but they were drunk decisions. I have been sober only for 2 days and have to reconnect with AA. But I had some questions maybe you could help me with. Starting about three weeks ago my tongue started breaking out and has become extremely sensitive. At night I wake up with lightning-like surges of pain in my tongue. And I seem to be suction pulling it under my molars. It sounds strange but it hurts like hell and it happens most often with the onset of abdominal pain caused my pancreatitus. Do you have any idea whether of not this is a sympton of the deasese? I’ve also had liver problems in the past that could, i suppose account for it. Any info you have would be gratefully appreciated.–Anthony

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