Re: Re: pancreatitus

Tuesday, Nov 02, 2004

Re: Re: pancreatitus

Posted by james elliott on 04/05/03 at 02:27 PM

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I read your short note about pancreatitus. I have chronic pan from alcohol abuse, and have endured the last four years in pain but it is now seeming to get better. A year ago I had surgery on my pancreas 6 months after tumors were found inside my pancreas. My pancreas had almost completely shut down. I was a mess, according to my surgeon.

They did a procedure that was somewhat like the whipple procedure, and filet”d my pancreas in half, took out the tumors, and re-routed my digestive system. Since the surgery, I am on pancreas enzymes. it started out that i was taking 36 enzymes a day, now i am down to 6. Along with methidone 3 times a day. My prognosis is good, and within the year i should be back to normal again. I was off work for 15 months, and now have been back to work for the last 4 months. The biggest part of the struggle is re-building your strength, so that u can do normal activities again, and go from there. There is hope, and i am proof of that. It just takes alot of time, and alot of work to get back to where you were before. But most of all it takes your inner strength to get you there. every day while i have went thru this was a a chore. but i am better for it now