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Tuesday, Dec 21, 2004

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Posted by kay on 09/09/02 at 11:23 PM

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Hi Hope,

Feel free to bring up the point if it will help to clarify your knowledge.

My comment was that all of the BASIC SCIENCES faculty have Ph’Ds in their fields. Most have taught (or currently teach)at allopathic schools. I should clarify that this only refers to lecturers. Some labs have ND’s as well, to provide a clinical perspective (ie; Palpation lab in anatomy). Most therapeutics classes are taught by ND’s (a couple by MD’s and DC’s).

Also, ALL ND students complete pre-medical training. In an allopathic school most students have degrees in biology, chemestry or biochem. But, there are students with other undergad degrees as well. The common factor is that they ALL have a year of Bio, a year of Gen. Chem., a year of O. Chem, and a year of Physics.

Likewise, the majority of ND students (at Bastyr, anyway) majored in Bio, Chem or Biochem. There are also many students with Social Sciences or Humainities degrees. A number students also come with masters, PhD’s or even other medical degrees. But, we all had to have taken a year of Bio, a year of Gen. Chem, a year of O. Chem. and at least one semester of physics (most take a year). Plus, we are required to have two semesters of psychology.

Because it doesn’t account for all faculty at Bastyr, the website is not an accurate reflection of the faculty. Hopefully the school will change this!

Hope this helps.

be well,


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Hope 3 09/19/02 06:33 PM

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