Re: Re: What’s with ANMA??

Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005

Re: Re: What\\\’s with ANMA??

Posted by Chris Maloney, ND on 12/22/02 at 09:07 PM

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Actually, I believe the medical doctor completes the USMLE, not the MCAT, before practicing. If you check the four year Naturopathic programs, they also sit for two national sets of examinations before they practice. While you may not feel true Naturopathic medicine uses drugs or performs minor surgery, having the knowledge to do these things is hardly detrimental. Medical practitioners who feel the need may say they practice naturopathically without additional training. The legal addition of N.D. in most cases misleads people who expect someone has attended a four year school. The admission that the N.D. is from a correspondence program hurts a medical practitioner’s credibility.

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