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Monday, Feb 28, 2005

Re: Re: Re: pseudo-tumor & shunts

Posted by DOT on 09/10/02 at 04:57 PM

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I was told I had increased intracranial fluid (pseudo tumor). Now I am facing what you have gone through. However I was never really informed much about why this is happening to me??? I discovered this problem when I started to have additional problems with my eyesight. Did they ever tell you why or how this happened to you. Thanks for any info. I haven’t given in for any shunts because I have heard some horror stories involved with this procedure. I also have had lumbar punctures to keep the pressure down. How long did it take to lose the vision in your eyes. I know how you are feeling and I hope I can deal with this diagnosis as you have. Thanks

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Re: Re: Re: Re: pseudo-tumor & shunts
marie 1 10/27/02 07:48 PM

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