Re: Re: Re: Irritible Bowel Syndrome-Relief

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2004

Re: Re: Re: Irritible Bowel Syndrome-Relief

Posted by Deb on 01/19/03 at 08:25 PM

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I have an excerpt from a Michael Gershon, MD, – and I can’t remember if he is at Cornell or Columbia – who is using 5-HTP to study its effect on serotonin levels. The makers of Paxil and other SSRIs are also researching what is no longer being called a side effect – rather a normal reaction in the gut to SSRIs.

A problem with diagnosing intestinal problems is that IBS is a “wastebasket”” term. For instance, a nutritionist recently determined that what was Dx’d IBS with me is actually poor metabolism of fat – which makes perfect sense now looking at my total life history, family history and symptoms. Once this was addressed, other problems like “”PMS””, dry skin, and menstrual pain (which I always told Drs felt intestinal, not uterine) cleared up.