Re: Irritible Bowel Syndrome-Relief

Re: Irritible Bowel Syndrome-Relief

Posted by Deb on 12/02/02 at 07:49 PM

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I nearly died on 5-HTP only to find there is research implicating SSRIs in exacerbation of IBS and other intestinal problems. I was taking 50 mg b.i.d. and became so anorexic that intake was down to an avg of 800 cal a day. 5-HTP is used by Rx companies to test SSRI in the gut. For many people, the initial nausea and anorexia continue. They are no longer looking at this as a side effect, but as a normally occurring reaction to SSRI on the gut, where much of the body’s serotonin is manufactured. This is why I asked in another post if naturopathic students are being given this info.

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Re: Re: Irritible Bowel Syndrome-Relief
Richard L. Farr 3 01/03/03 01:25 AM

Re: Re: Irritible Bowel Syndrome-Relief
Chris Maloney, ND 2 12/22/02 08:49 PM

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