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Effexor Hell

Posted by Kristina on 06/21/04 at 10:15 AM

Thank you all so much for all of your postings on the horrors of Effexor! Although I am sorry that so many of us are experiencing the some terrible withdrawals, I do now know that I am not alone. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I am slowly weaning myself off of 75 mg and am now taking 37 mg and will start to take every other day shortly. God, I hate this drug. My doctor never informed me of the side effects and possible withdrawal symptoms. He also told me I would probably be on it for the rest of my life. Well, I have changed doctors and want my life back! I think I was over medicated, having a terrible time with life in general. I would rather deal with my anxiety and use natural methods then EVER use this drug again. I have been on it for over 2 years and am just now finding out how really bad it is. I have gained over 50 lbs! Anyway, thanks again and please feel free to email me.

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