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6.5 days off effexor…

Posted by Andi on 06/27/04 at 11:40 PM

I took my last Effexor dose six and a half days ago. I was on it for a year. I developed Epstein Barr and was bed-ridden for nearly a month. I had no energy and my doctor suggested Effexor. It helped for a few months (I think) and then I knew I had to get off it because I felt stifled in my thinking and creativity (I’m a film student and I teach). I also gained 50 lbs even though I ate less than normal (EBV has caused me to lose my appetite) . My on-camera gigs are now non-existent. I?m very active and I work out several times a week (energy permitting). Despite all my efforts, the weight stuck. Since I wasn?t taking the Effexor for depression and it was doing more harm than good, I consulted my doctor about going off it.

I weaned myself down over a two month period from 75mg to 37.5mg. The only other option was to quit the 37.5mg cold turkey. My doctor said it wouldn?t be that tough withdrawing at such a low dose.

He was wrong.

The first five days were unbearable. Headache, vomiting/ ravenous hunger, exhausted to the point it hurt to walk downstairs, brain zaps, dizziness, noise sensitivity, muscle aches, heart burn and nausea. My mood has been fluctuating like crazy- sad and exhausted one minute and then angry the next. My heart feels like it?s pounding out of my chest with burning cramps at the same time.

I?ve been taking both benedryl and a strong muscle relaxer and they both have helped by keeping me virtually sedated. I?ve been taking two muscle relaxer tablets and it barely keeps my nerves calm. Normally when I take just half a tab, it knocks me out.

I think drinking lots of water and Gatorade has helped by flushing out my system of anything else that could be exacerbating the withdrawal symptoms.

I?m almost at day 7 without Effexor and I feel 65% better than the worst of it. I have been zoning out and my nerves are still shot, but I was actually able answer my telephone without freaking out. The stomach distress and heartburn are still very much a concern.

My question: how long until I start feeling ?normal? again? Also, how hard is it to loose the medication weight (or when will my body start functioning the way it did pre-effexor)?

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